Fanga Fing 
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Fanga Fing : an implacable….dictatorship

Fanga Fing … when Di Fresh, Djah Franco and Yeli Fuzzo present this name, it’s just temporary. None of them had seen the value of this name. The band was called "Black Authority” in the past…and the members of the band weren’t the same either.
Di Fresh and Djah Franco have always been members of it. They were four at the beginning, then three in 1998 : Di Fresh (was then called Snoop), Djah Franco (was called Fransistar) and Afroside. It’s Afroside who proposed to Yeli Fu to integrate the band "Black Authority”. This one was with the Spiritual Brothers (in which were Father Dogg, the agent Daffy and SNK). But the band existed no more. Di Fresh and Djah Franco didn’t agree at the first but Afroside insisted. He liked the style of Yeli Fu and was sure that it was compatible with the band. When Yeli entered the band in 1998, every thing changed, nothing had ever been the same again for the young band.

From Black Authority to Fanga Fing

The Black Authority was composed of four people in 1998: Di Fresh, Djah Franco, Yeli Fu and Afroside. They took part in several underground concerts. Then when they became popular enough the quarter Djelibougou, they decided to organize a concert.
It’s a catastrophe! Only ten persons came to the concert and they were just friends; the band made the concert professionally for the small public they had. After the concert, the band didn’t lost courage and goes on repeating. They changed the name of the band… a friend of Di Fresh called Biblo advised them Fanga Fing, literal translation of Black Authority. After that, the guys realised that the name was much more than a simple translation; but Yeli Fu was fed up, he proposed the band to take part in the popular rap emission of Mali: "Flash Hip Hop". The other didn’t agree at first then Yeli Fu insisted. When they accepted, Yeli Fu contacted the star of the emission (Braddox) thanks to his friend Alpeco (of the band Rage) which was already well known in the rap circle.
When Braddox listened to the Black Authority, he invited them in his emission without hesitating. Then they became the pet of the public and is very demanded so their music was broadcasted every Saturday! It was the beginning of the fulfilling of a dream.

Fanga Fing.... Forever

In 1999, the first single of Fanga Fing is released and became the best sales of the year in rap music. It’s a good year but Afroside is obliged to leave the band for personal reasons but he stayed very active in the band. He was considered as the best of them; the Fanga Fing is then officially three…
The young stars took part in several concerts among which the Tabalé organised by Adam Bah Konaré, the wife of the president of Mali of that time. Then, Yeli Fu (who has just created his society of production Invasion Records) organised a huge concert at the palace of culture, the biggest hall of Bamako. It’s a total success. Fanga Fing becomes the only band able to attract so much people in a rap concert! The band that has so much pain to assemble only ten persons to their first concert now attracts 5.000 spectators.
In 2000, the band released its first album "Fanga Follo". The name Fanga Fing becomes then full of sense. It’s the black force, the dictatorship, the best way to impose oneself. One this album are invited confirmed stars of Malian music such as Koko Dembelé and Djeneba Seck. "Fanga Follo" is a success of Fanga Fing and the band is more than ever in rap. Presently, they are working on their next album and at the same time on solo projects. In any case, Fanga Fing has marked the history of Malian rap… forever.

MAJ 15/02/2004