N° 11
May 12, 2003

New Edition

Koffi Olomide was in Cotonou (Benin) where he gave a concert in the stadium " stade de l'Amitié" on May 10, 2003 ( a Saturday) for the promotion of his new album "Affaire d'état" (see Mag 9). This show, which mobilised thousand of Beninian, all of them wanting to witness this great show, ended on a sad note. A crush in the terraces caused a general panic. Results: about twenty dead and a lot of injured persons. In 1998, a crowd movement had created a similar situation in the stadium Mamadou Konaté of Bamako. It was the concert of the Congolese band Extra Musica. A few weeks before the arrival f the sacred monster of the congolese music in Bamako, it is important to draw the organiser's attention to security measures necessary to prevent things from getting out of hand for the concert in Bamako on June 7,2003 instead of may 17.


Amadou and Mariam are on tour inside of Mali for the promotion of their new album "Wati" ( time) and to resume with their fans which is very necessary after two years of absence. Amadou and Mariam, "Tiè ni Muso" (husband and wife), have chosen the better moment to meet the deep Mali. The tour will end on may 20.

On an invitation of the association "Sida Kata", Salif Keïta and his band were in Burkina Faso for two concert (may 1 and may 3, 2003) at Bobo-Dioulasso . After his performance there, the nightingale went to Ouagadougou where he was referred to as the best artist of West Africa. This trophy, "les Kundés", like in South Africa reward annually the African artists for the quality of their work. Congratulation Salif.

"I'm a singer of all the time, time and space become embedded in my music because yesterday is today and today will also be tomorrow": This words are from Jean Bittard, philosopher in his manner, he's one of the best voice of the Mandingo music.
He gave us the pleasure to tell us about his artistically career. " I was born in Toukoto I have no age because I'm the elder brother of my children", he says. Toukoto is a cultural meeting place of Khassonké, bamanan and malinké. Having grown up in this environment, and being a person of mixed race on top of that, "Jeannnot" expresses himself in a coloured language but very clear in his meaning. Inspired by since , our Jean learned in different bands: the orchestra of Dravela (Vela star 1967); Star Band du Motel with Raymond (ancient member of the band who has his own band today) and the orchestra of Kita.

Strong due to his former experiences, Jean Bittard decided to stop interpretation in order to follow his own way. The regional orchestra the "Sidi Yassa" will be the first. Jean Bittard's name spreads out in all the national territory. In 1976, the department in charge of youth, sports, art and culture took in charge the production of their first album "Penda". It was a real success, the "Soci-star" of Diamou called him to regain prestige.
Thus, in 1980, he undertook a national tour with his new formation. Rare were the bands who had such a success. In 1983, he decided to make a career in solo. The deal is concluded with Mr Sacko , the recording is done is in Abidjan, hub of the African show-biz at that time. It was made at the studio JBZ Recording. In this album appeared the first version of the song "Mayomba". In his songs, he speaks about women's situation, of mothers, of children, of peace, to resume real social messages, this is why he's called "Jean Bittard, the messenger".
In charge of the sales department of Delmas, then at Saga trans. Mali, his duties wouldn't allow him to assume his artist life at that time. This is why he had to wait for 15 long years before producing a new album. "From the bottom of my heart, ma voice why shouting my love for music", said Jean Bittard. The Malian TV, in order to immortalize his songs, produced his video clips "Mayomba", "Maliba" et "Moussolou".
In 2001, Camara Production recorded in Paris an album of Bittard: "Fasso". An album which, unfortunately, isn't in sale yet. Being very much in demand, he decided to create his own production firm "Jean Bittard communications internationales". It is this firm which produced his latest hit "Kélè", in the studio "studio de la Seine" in Paris. "Kélè", which distribution is made by Mali k7 SA is a master piece with 7 tracks.