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The collective of the artists and producers against piracy
"We do not want any more stupid and ironic propaganda of the Bmda"

In a press release deposited to our office, the Collective of the artists and producers against piracy reacted about the seizure of a batch of 600 paperboards of pirated tapes by the Malian Office of the authors’ rights (BMDA). The national television made a report on this subject and the elements passed in the news of the evening. It said that "the operation would have led to the seizure of 20 000 pirated tapes". The Collective of the artists and producers against piracy estimates that "it became a tradition, an unpleasant distraction of the BMDA. Each time the artists and the producers express their dissatisfaction about piracy; this structure tries a media blow by showing seized cassettes in order to prove its engagement against this plague. But, nobody is stupid!". According to the Collective "20 000 cassettes! It is nothing compared to the width of the crime. The carters continue to duplicate our works openly and publicly. The small salesmen of pirated albums circulate in impunity in the city. And the BMDA wants to prove us that it is acting. At this very moment, how much tons of pirated products entered the country in containers? ". The question is to know what is the fate reserved to the convicted pirates?

With the analysis, the artists and producers do not see objective reasons which push the BMDA to rejoice about this result. By way of recall, a similar operation, organized by the producers during 2004, had allowed to do better in only a few hours. It should be underlined that 9 cassettes out of 10 are counterfeited. And the country consumes on average 10 million cassettes per annum of which 9 million are pirated.

"Everybody knows that the seizure is circumstantial and that, as usual, it has less chance to be followed by other big actions. And we are surprised to see that instead of cleansing the market for the two structures of duplication Mali K7 and Seydoni-Mali, the BMDA delivers authorizations to duplicate outside the country.

The direction of the BUMDA knows that the quantity it authorizes to duplicate is not profitable enough to go abroad to manufacture them. There is thus strong doubt that those who profit from these authorizations of the BUMDA benefit from it in another way.

Especially when after the delivery of the authorizations, the mechanism of control does not function any more. At each fit of anger of the creators, the BMDA acts like that to calm them. After that, there’s nothing more. We do not want any more of this stupid and ironic propaganda. We wait concrete actions from the BMDA. We want regular seizures, we require that the convicted pirates pay their crime with the last rigour ", declared the Collective of the artists and producers for the fight against piracy.
The Malian Office of the authors’ right has to prove itself to convince the artists and producers of his good faith and will to cleanse the market. We know that the safety forces are at their disposal for the needs of the cause. TO BE CONTINUED...