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N°154 -21/03/2005


Mali K7 in bankruptcy, Seydoni in lay off:
What will make the minister Sissoko?

A well-known saying of the Bamanan says this "One is humiliated only when one speaks". The saying is extremely well applicable to the Minister for the Culture, Cheick O Sissoko who, not long ago, had sworn to resign if he would not succeed in eradicating the phenomenon of piracy. As if taking him at his word, piracy has never been so well.

Worse, it’s under his administration that the two production facilities of musical works are hit violently by the perverse effects of the plague decided to send everyone on holiday. It’s made and the batch of unemployed took the lift.

Speaking about the misdeeds of the piracy of the artistic works in public and the most solemn way, the scenario writer minister, Cheick O Sissoko promised to resign if he doesn’t manage to eradicate piracy as soon as possible. Today, the report is overpowering. Piracy has not moved back at all; better it made considerable bounce ahead. Consequences: two of our best production societies, Mali K7 and Seydoni Mali have just laid their personnel off. They were not able any more to face the recurring and incompressible charges because of the wild competition of the pirated works. The official announcement was made during a press meeting animated by the persons in charge for the two structures: Fousseyni Traoré from Seydoni and Philippe Berthier from Mali K7; it was on last March 16, in the head office of Mali K7.

This situation results from the unpunished offences even breaches of the political and administrative leaders who do absolutely nothing to fight against a plague undermining at the same time the life of the artists and the production societies. They invested a lot to realize what is leaving into smoke today. The persons in charge for the two structures avow to be deeply shocked by the width of the waste "It became practically impossible to not meet its product, in the market, counterfeited 24 hours only after the putting on sale …Mali K7 and Seydoni cannot deal any more with the width of the situation which removes them any possibilities of paying the wages, the taxes, the INPS and the authors’ rights. The structures thus driven to bankruptcy point together an accusing finger towards the authorities which do not do anything to eradicate the phenomenon ".

Then, after the fall of the two production giants of Bamako, people wonder when the minister will honour its engagement.

Sory Haïdara