N° 39
November 24, 2003

Lassy King Massassy
“The strong man of the regime”, as he’s affectionately called by the brilliant animator of the Malian hip hop Bradox, arrived in Bamako last week after some concert he gave in France. King gives us here his position concerning the struggle against piracy and his projects…

Mag: Why have you been in France?
King: I went in France to make some concerts with Cheick Tidiane Seck at the New Morning. You should know that anytime you make a planning for a tour, you have dates that are confirmed and others that are disproved as the tour goes on. I managed to make the concert of the New Morning as it was planned and two other ones with Cheick Tidiane Seck and the bass player Herbie Hancock. I also took part in the festival “musique des villes du monde” with several French and African bands among which Dara J from Senegal. I also took advantage of my Parisian stay to make some promotion.

how does "Niokala So" evolve?
I think not bad. The album isn’t on sale yet in Europe, the promotion matched up to our expectations and we hope that the sales will as good.

What about the sales in Mali?
Despite piracy, I must say that I’m satisfied by the sales. We can’t say yet that the sales exceeded our hopes. Mali K7 is doing the maximum but I confess that pirates are spoiling our life.

Pirates are spoiling your life but what do the artists are doing to fight piracy in Mali?
It took a long time before we understand that the struggle against piracy wasn’t only the struggle of the producers and distributors. We are organising to retort. We have been naïve during a time but now, it’s time to move.

Concretely, what is you strategy?
The days of reflection on piracy of the literary and artistic works ended a few days ago. Some resolutions have been made to dam up the phenomena particularly the creation of special brigades to struggle against piracy. We have the support of the minister Cheick Tidiane Seck; we’ll play our role but the justice also has to play its role.

Since a few times, there are rumours about your dedication concert? Can you say something about it?
Niokala So was released during the raining season so we decided to wait the end of this season to make the concert. Before going to France, I constituted a organisation comity which made the prospection on the site; the concert will take place on December 6th, at the stadium Mamadou Konaté.

Who are the artists invited to this show?
The list is still opened and people are still manifesting their desire to take part in my concert. That’s great. I can confirm you the participation of Tata Pound, Diata Sya, Fanga Fing, Zion B, Magic Black Men, Maiker B, Jolie, Djénèba Diakité, Nabintou Diakité, and Doudou Soul
The great innovation of this concert will be the tombola on the entry tickets. Each people who will pay a ticket to enter the concert will have the possibility to won a Jakarta (motorbike) or a mobile phone. Our ambition is to stake one Jakarta and three or four mobile phones. If other sponsors are available before the day, the public will be spoilt with gift. The cost of the ticket will be 2.500 FCFA (3,81€). The public will also have the possibility to buy tapes of CDs. We have an album “special dedication” that will be on sale only at the stadium the day of the concert. The particularity of this album is that there is a track on it which is not on the album presently on sale.

The stadium Mamadou Konaté huge, have you got a good sound system?
We have no problem for that. Every thing will be perfect on December 6th, 2003. We won’t toy with the sound and the light because a spectacle is a whole.

I hope I’ll meet you with this show. What is your word of the end?
I’m doing my best to make of this show a success. It’s also a way for me to say “sanbè sanbè” (happy new year) for the feast of the Ramadan and for the New Year 2004. I hope that this concert will be an ambiance “Babayo”. Thank you.

MBD Production wants to end the year in beauty
Awaiting the release of Coumba Sira Koita planned for the first trimester of 2004; MBD Production wants to end the year in beauty. Since a few days, the radios of Bamako have chosen the caressing voice of the young but talented Aicha Kouyaté.
Aicha Kouyaté, Aicha Pouloh is the daughter of Baba Coulibaly and she has no complex, she decided to follow the path her mother has already traced. Even if MBD Production doesn’t give the dates of release of its products, every thing seems to show that the albums will be on sale before the end of the year. The revelation will certainly come from the band Ankata. Their music is inspired from the one of the hunter.

Habib Koité in concert at the CCF (French cultural centre)
After their tour in Australia, Habib Koité and his band will be on concert at the French cultural centre of Bamako (CCF) on Saturday, the 29th of November 2003. The first performance is planned for 16 o’clock for children and the second one, the same day at 21 o’clock for the grown-up. One can book a seat at the CCF, seats are limited.

Best Sales 2003 in Mali
  Artiste Album
Seydou Camara Mali Den  
Idrissa Soumaoro Koté  
Mamou Sidibé
Salif Keïta
Tata Diakité Djama  
Madou Camara
& Mah Kouyaté  
Kon Kan Ko Sata
Déniba Sanogo
Tata Diakité
Hommage (Best Of)  
Rokia Traoré